Why Workshop Way?

 Workshop Way© is a system of human growth for education, for learners of all ages.  Created by Sr. Grace H. Pilon, SBS.


"All students can learn if they first get everything that is human inside of them: intellectual needs satisfied, all sense powers sharpened, life skills grown, and consciousness with all its thinking powers developed.”

Four Goals of Workshop Way©

  1. Satisfy basic human intellectual needs.

  2. Sharpen sense powers.

  3. Grow human skills.

  4.  Develop basic abilities of consciousness.

Six Elements of Workshop Way©

    1.   Creation of a unique physical environment

    2.   Creation of a unique social environment

    3.   Creation of the Self-Concept Vocabulary

    4.   Instant Personality Activities

    5.    Parental Involvement

    6.   Use of time and content to move human growth

Our Philosophy

1.   We respect the rights of others.
2.   It is ok to make a mistake while learning.
3.   Everyone has a right to a time to think.
4.   It is intelligent to ask for help.
5.   We don’t have to know everything today.
6.   It takes courage to be willing to risk.