Staff & Administration

OUR PROGRAM AND PROFESSIONALS:  We are a team of caring and experienced professionals.  All our teachers are certified "CDA's" and have been awarded the national Child Development Associate Credential (CDA).  Pilon Workshop Way is our unique and powerful classroom management system for human growth in education.  We also use the "Big Day PreK"program for early childhood learning in sync with the Powhatan County Public Schools.  Our curriculum is strategically planned so the children and families experience five integrative themes throughout the school year:  Beginnings, Systems, Uniqueness, Changes and Harmony.  Our children really do love LEARNING at an early age.

Sister Beulah Martin, MA, CDA

Director and Consultant

"Workshop Way is an approach to learning which provides equal opportunities for all students to learn how to learn, to think and to manage their lives.. I have to say in today’s society our children need Workshop Way to equip them to be comfortable and confident. I’ve been told so often that my were happy and ready to listen and love to work.” 

Sister Beulah is a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament and experienced teacher.  Her special gift is teaching three and four year old children!


Masters in Education: Xavier University of Louisiana 

Masters in Early Childhood Advocacy: Louis University, Illinois 

Consultant for Workshop Way, Inc

Mrs. Maxcine Ross, CDA


An experienced teacher who is wise, loving and directive. She loves to see children learn and grow and become independent people. She brings her experience as mother and wisdom woman grandmother. Mrs. Ross has taken classes in Workshop Way, Health and Safety and Preschool teaching. She is a member of Little Zion Church and a community leader. 

Sister Maureen T. Carroll, MA, CFRE, CDA

Preschool Administrator

Sister Maureen is a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament.  She is an experienced teacher, retired principal, administrator and also certified fundraiser and nonprofit leader.  As a Workshop Way licensed consultant, she loves to see educators and children enjoy learning! She does whatever she can to find people to share the work of helping families to educate their children.  Finding scholarships and financial assistance is her focus at LZ WWay school!  Ask her how you can help! 

Dr. Gregory Beechaum,Sr., DV

Preschool Administrator

Pastor Beechaum is a man who cares. Pastor of Little Zion Baptist for the past 17 years, he is a community leader, teacher and trusted advisor. Graduate of Petersburg High School, Geneva College, he holds a Master’s degree from Richmond Virginia Seminary and Higher Learning Bible Seminary.

He is a U.S. Air Force veteran, U.S. Army Reserves,  founder of Beyond Walls Ministry. A family man who loves his wife, Lady Toni Beechaum and their three children, Greg Jr., Jayla and Janay. Preschool at Little Zion is a ministry of joy and dedication to future generations of young leaders.